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The term pest is used to refer to any wildlife, insect, or rodent that interferes with human activity by infesting people’s businesses and homes causing damage, or exposing them to communicable diseases. Therefore, pest control is the process of removing or managing pests using repellents or deterrents. Pests can be managed or removed using different methods. For instance, they can be killed using the services of exterminators, or controlled in a humane way.

At London Surrey Pest Control, we offer comprehensive pest control services. The services we provide include Pest Proofing and pest control services in both residential and commercial areas in Ealing, London. LS Pest Control has a team of trained technicians and surveyors who are capable of conducting effective treatments easily. Our team members are experienced in pest control, and they are available 24 hours to respond to emergencies.

The treatments we use comply with all the current safety and health standards. Our experienced technicians use the latest pesticides and insecticides that have been approved by the government. Moreover, at the LS Pest Control we use the latest equipment. This enables us to provide effective pest control services that ensure that households and businesses are free from pests. This is why people use our services.

Why Choose Us

  1. We are very responsive, efficient and economic.
  2. We offer 24-hour professional pest control services.
  3. We are prepared to respond to any situation whether at home or in business premises.
  4. Our Fast Track Services can dispatch pest control professionals within 30 minutes of booking.
  5. We provide confidential and efficient services. When our team members arrive on the site, they conduct a survey to gather information in order to implement a relevant solution.

Pest Control in Ealing

Location: Ealing is located 12.7 km west of Charing Cross, and it is a district in west London. Ealing is considered a key metropolitan center and the administrative headquarters of the London Borough.

Postal code: W5

Main Streets: Abbey, Abbeyfields, and Abbot

Tel: 074 744 299 64

The London Borough of Ealing is considered “Queen of the Suburbs” because it is leafy, and a thriving town center full of coffee shops and restaurants. This means that the residents of the suburb will have a pest problem at some point in their lives. LS Pest Control understands the value people attach to their homes and workplaces, and that is why the company strives to keep businesses and homes pest free. Some of the pests we specialize in treating include wasp, mice and rats.




The most common sign that a house or a business premise has been infested with mice is hearing them or seeing evidence such as burrowing. LS Pest Control specializes in treating mice problems. Call for professional help.

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Wasps are aggressive and are more likely to sting if they feel that the nest is threatened. Residents of the London Borough of Ealing with wasp problems need not to worry because they can call the London Surrey Pest Control Services to solve their problem.

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Rats are nocturnal creatures, but it is not unusual to spot one during the day. At LS Pest Control, we treat all rat problems. Call us any time when in need.

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Check out our pest control testimonials

  • Mrs B, Chelsea

    Very impressed with the service provided. Good quick response. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others.   5/5

  • Mrs B, Chelsea

    Very impressed with the service provided. Good quick response. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others.   5/5

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